Several 2019 Craftsman Style House plans that You Can Follow

In building a house, the very first thing that you should think about is the concept of the house. If you have large land to be divided into a house and a park, then it will be good to apply a concept of craftsman house style. What you can see to have this kind of house style is on 2019 craftsman style house plans. They will give you clear image about how it looks like in the future. This is not difficult actually as you can do only share your ideas and do the improvement from what you see already. There are lots of 2019 craftsman style house plans that you can see actually. All of them have large house and park so those two things are must things to build this house. The first thing that you should thing is about the size of the house that you want to have. Here, you need to create the ratio between your house and your park. If you want your house bigger, then it is good to have 7:3. Meanwhile, if you want to have your house smaller, then 4:6 is good for this kind of house style in balanced proportion. After that, in 2019 craftsman style house plans, another thing that you should concern with is about the house. The material for your house exterior should be in the natural looks. There are three kinds of material that you can have in order to get this kind of house style; stone, bricks and wood. Make sure that its natural color can do the improvement so you need to be careful in selecting the best one for you. In addition, you need to select the design of the roof. It is good if you have only one gable, but it is better if you have more than 1 gable. Another thing that you need to think about is the selection of the park design. Here, it is good if you prepare the design for the front yard and the backyard. Your front yard can be set with an artificial pond or fountain with colorful flowers that improve the look of the park. Meanwhile, for the backyard, you can have a patio and kitchen as the place for you to relax with your family or friends. Well, these are 2019 craftsman style house plans that you can have to make a design for your house.

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