Top 5 Greate Ideas to Make Your Room Look Bigger with Wallpaper


Large, bold or busy patterns can pile up the entire space, especially when the pattern covers all the windows of the room or the room is not very large. With this top 5 greate tips how to make your room look bigger, If you can’t redo the walls, you can make some decorative adjustments to help the wallpaper increase the comfort and pleasure of the room, instead of making the space feel smaller and smaller.

Mirrors almost add a sense of space and light to the room, and are usually used to make small spaces feel scale. Place small mirrors on the doorway or inside the space around the narrow space to give people a sense of depth as they walk by. Open curtains during the day and provide extra light at night, such as floor lamps, instead of dimming the room.

Mirrors and Lighting

Remove Busyness

If the wallpaper is “busy” (such as a pattern that fills the entire room), remove other pattern-rich objects in the room. If there are too many patterns in the line of sight, especially in a room full of wallpaper, it may look a little bit (Such as a carpet), and then replace it with a plain counterpart (such as a beige carpet). The solid color will dilute the effect of the richly patterned wallpaper in the room, so replacing fancy plaids and plaid sofas with solid color substitutes will give the eyes a rest and visually make the room a bit wider.


Too many “stuffs” in the room. Almost any room of any size is uncomfortable and smaller than the actual size. It is to play dozens of gadgets on the shelf of the room, it is better to reduce the number to a few favorite works. Remove one or two accessories from the coffee table and coffee table, but remove all accessories. If items such as shoes or blankets belong to another area of the house, replace them. Simply deleting items that are not yours will open up the space tremendously. This includes extra furniture, and some rooms feel cramped, rather than practical and comfortable.

Wall Coverings

A bland wall is covered with light-colored fabric in the room’s decoration, opening up the space visually. Fabric secured with an inflatable curtain rod hanging from a pole stand or ceiling. Schemes, such as black or silver frames with little decoration, to reduce the brightness of the wallpaper and open up the room space.

Pick monochromatic colours

For furniture, soft furniture, accessories, decorations, curtains and rugs, choose different shades, shades and hues of a single shade. Multiple colors can make a room look exciting, but they can overwhelm a small space and eventually make it look smaller. Monochromatic colors are easy on the eyes, so you can enjoy them throughout the room without being interrupted by contrasting colors.



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